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House of Chamorros Membership


3.1 Eligibility

Any person of the Mariana Islands heritage, or any person of any ancestral lineage who supports the goals and bylaws of the House of Chamorros, demonstrates good moral and ethical integrity, believes in the principles of liberty and peaceful relations among all nations, and is willing to cooperate with others in fostering such principles, is eligible for membership.

In addition, any person who shares special interests in spreading the Mariana Islands cultural awareness, with others in the community, is eligible for membership.

A House of Chamorros member is considered to be a member (i.e., active status) with annual membership dues of $20 starting in 2021.

3.2: Conditions of Membership

  1. Each member shall promise allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, to abide by the approved By-Laws of the House of Chamorros, the By-Laws of the HPR (House of Pacific Relations), and local, State and Federal laws.
  2. Each member shall be involved in the activities of the House of Chamorros, including hosting in the House of Chamorros on Saturday and Sunday at least twice in the previous twelve (12) months, and should attend membership meetings, and participate in the HPR activities with a similar frequency.
  3. In order to vote, the member must meet the conditions stated under 3.2a and 3.2b above, must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, participate in the activities of the House of Chamorros for at least six (6) consecutive months and be current with the payment of annual membership dues.
  4. The House of Chamorros shall maintain a minimum of 25 members, in good standing, in accordance with HPR.

Additional information on membership status with the House of Chamorros is stated in the By-Laws. Email your request for a copy of the By-Laws to secretary@houseofchamorros.org


Click on the following link to download membership form.
HOC Membership Form – 2-17-21 Updated

Make checks payable to House of Chamorros and mail to:

House of Chamorros

P O Box 371218

San Diego, CA. 92137

Annual Membership $20 fee