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Leadership Draft

Applicant Organizational Structure

The House of Chamorros is a 50c3 public charity. The organization’s board members are the decision making body operating in accordance with the by-laws of House of Chamorros, not to be in violation of the by-laws of the Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego, the House of Pacific Relations and the New International Cottages.

The House of Chamorros is operated solely by volunteers overseen by the volunteer HOC board and committees as follows.

House of Chamorros Officers Board of Directors & Committees of 1JAN 2020

House of Chamorros Board Officers
President: Jeff Macaraeg
Vice President: Sandy Flores
Treasurer: Mary S. San Agustin
Secretary: Janice (Waller) Bouffiou

House of Chamorros Board of Directors
Board Member: Brienda M. Diaz
Board Member: Dolores (Loling) Cepeda
Board Member: David Laguana Jr.
Board Member: Aundra P. Gogue
Board Member: Lola Gogue

House of Chamorros Committees/Chairs
Administration: Jeff Macaraeg
Building Interior: Dr Judy Flores (Chair)
Bylaws, Policies & Procedures: Jeff Macaraeg (Chair), Janice Bouffiou, Sandy Flores,
Mary San Agustin
Communications/Press Releases: Sandy Flores (Chair)
Corporate Sponsorship: Loling Cepeda and Sandy Flores (Chair)
E-Blasts: Janice Bouffiou & Brienda Diaz
Education & Arts: Sandra Flores (Chair)
Events/Programming: Janice Bouffiou, Jeff Macaraeg, Audra Gogue
Facebook: Sandy Flores, Jeff Macaraeg, David Laguana
Finances: Mary San Agustin
Flyers: Janice Bouffiou, Leiana Naholowa’a
Fundraising Events: Brienda Diaz and Loling Cepeda
Grants: Sandy Flores, Mary San Agustin, Judy Flores
Hall of Nations Reservations: Janice Bouffiou
Historian: Janice Bouffiou, Jeff Macaraeg, Sandy Flores
Hospitality: Loling Cepeda (Chair), Andie Gogue
Marketing: Janice Bouffiou, Sandy Flores, Shin Taira
Memberships: Loling Cepeda (Chair)
Tangible Assets Inventory: Jeff Macaraeg, David Laguana, Mary San Agustin
Volunteers: David Laguana (Chair)
Website: Jeff Macaraeg & Shin Taira

HPR Delegates
Delegate 1: Jeff Macaraeg
Delegate 2: Sandy Flores
Alternate Delegate 1: Mary S. San Agustin
Alternate Delegate 2: Janice (Waller) Bouffiou

Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB): Loling Cepeda
University of Guam (UOG): Dr. Judy Flores
Guam: Dr. Judy Flores
CNMI: David & DorisAnn Aldan Atalig
HPR/NIC Programs: Jeff Macaraeg

House of Chamorros Board Member Biographies

The House of Chamorros does not employ a staff, but is operated solely by volunteers within and overseen by the volunteer HOC board.

President, Jeffrey Julian Macaraeg

is from Tamuning, and Barrigada Heights, Guam. Jeff’s parents are Dr. Godofredo G. And Bridget D.Macaraeg of Guam and he has four children, three who were born in Guam and are associated with the “Kotla” and Badu clan.

He is a graduate of Father Duenas Memorial High School and earned a BA in Psychology (Child Development) from San Diego State University. Jeff has had a career serving youth, including working as a Youth Service Worker for the Govt. of Guam.

He is a retired Supervising Probation Officer with the San Diego County Probation Department.

Jeff has also been a vocalist for top forty and jazz island and stateside bands. As the president of the House of Chamorros, Jeff represents the organization in the House of Pacific Relations organization in Balboa Park and in the New International Cottages Committee.

Other volunteer organizations he has volunteered his time for are the Make a Wish Foundation and America’s Cup. He has participated in the Christian Community Theater El Cajon, Shop with a Cop, and other organizations.

Jeff Macaraeg’s interest is to increase the awareness of young individuals in the community about their responsibility to integrate their diverse cultural background into the communities that they grow up in. Also, to help further themselves by preparing for the adult world by seeking out opportunities that are made possible by the House of Chamorros and other organizations serving the community.

Vice President, Sandy Flores

is from the village in Inalahan. She is the daughter of Juan and Judy Flores (Apu) of Inalahan and the mother of three. She attended high school at George Washington High School and Inarajan High School and earned an undergraduate degree in Anthropology from Northwestern University. Throughout her career, Sandy has been a writer, a business owner, and a community organizer. She has lived in San Diego, California since 2011 where she advocates for the Chamorro diaspora.

2012 – 2015 she documented the cultural activities of Chamorro individuals and clubs of the diaspora in a series of weekly columns in the Pacific Daily News.

2013 – 2018, she founded and directed the Uno Hit Chamorro cultural education program.

2015 – 2016, she was a member of the committee supporting the Chamorro diaspora delegation for the Festival of Pacific Arts and organized the first audition for diaspora artist candidates.

2016, she served as the rapporteur for the first Pacific Canoe Conference, held on Guam, contributing to the UNESCO report in their effort to identity Pacific seafaring knowledge as a cultural heritage property.2019 she was a content creator for the Guam Museum catalog for exhibit, Visualizing History; the Art of Judy Flores which opened on October 17.

2018-2020 she serves as president of the Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego which promotes the Chamorro identity with its year-round programs in cultural education, the annual Hafa Adai Festival in San Diego, and the building of a House of Chamorros cottage among the International Cottages in Balboa Park. She is currently pursuing a masters degree in Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego.

Treasurer, Mary Shimizu San Agustin

Is from Dededo Village. She is the daughter of former Speaker Joe Taitano San Agustin (Candido family) and Carmen Santos Shimizu San Agustin (Cacha Family) She holds a masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resources Management

She is now retired with over 33 years in administration of Federal and State Student Financial Aid totaling an estimated $20 million + annually. Currently serving as a board member with the Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego.

Secretary, Roseann Janice (Waller) Bouffiou

is familian Lujan (Bitoot) yan Flores (Katson) clans. AKA Janice Waller. She is the first daughter of Rosa Flores Lujan Waller & Albert W. Waller and 3rd child of nine siblings. All were born and raised on Guam. Her parents were the owners of the Airtel and Sleepy Lagoon properties in Tamuning. They were among the founders of Guam’s tourism industry. Her Grandfather was Mariano LG Lujan, Island Blacksmith.

Janice has one son.

Janice attended the Academy of Our Lady of Guam, the University of Guam, the American Business College, Grossmont College, Cuyamaca College and many course studies and certifications in real estate.

She is the owner of Island Mist Band.

She worked as a real estate agent for 22 years and was employed by the civil service with DOD-Navy.

Janice also worked for ten years in the airline industry.

1987 – 1990, she was a member of the Guam Society of America

1991 she became a lifetime member of the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club

2001 she joined the Pacific Islander Festival (PIFA)

2005, she was the founding board secretary and subsequent president of the Chamorro Hands in Education Links Unity (CHELU) organization. She is a founder of the Chamorro Cultural Fest.

2015, she became Charter Secretary for the Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego.

2016, she was the Charter Secretary for the House of Chamorros.

2019 to present, she serves as the 1st Vice President for the Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego.

Janice held the title of Miss Guam International in 1974 and is a natural Chamorro ambassador for life. To this day she continues to promote Chamorro cultural awareness and goodwill at every opportunity. This is testimony to her passion and love for her people, culture and Island. Biba Chamorro!

Board Member, Brienda Onedera Maanao Diaz

is formerly from Tumon and Sinajana.

Parents are Jesus Atoigue Maanao and Agueda Santos Onedera

Two brothers and seven sisters; married to the Late Eduardo Aquiningoc Diaz from Chalan Pago with seven children, 14 grandchildren (12 residing in San Diego and two residing in Santa Rita); and one great grandson residing in San Diego.

Attended and graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in 1970

Worked as a Teller at Bank of America, Tamuning Branch and Bank of Guam, Adelup

Worked at Guam Power Authority as Customer Service Representative

Worked at Public Works Center, Guam

Worked at Public Works Center, San Diego

After 29 years of faithful federal civilian government service, retired from Department of Defense from Army Recruiting Brigade at Las Vegas, NV

Member of the following non-profit organizations:

Presently a Lifetime Member and Board of Director with Sons & Daughters of Guam Club, Inc. (SDGCI); Chairperson of 2019 SDGCI Liberation Queens Committee
Presently a Board Member of Chamorro Hands in Education Links Unity (CHE’LU); managed the beverage booth at the Chamorro Cultural Festival (CCF)
Presently a Board Member of Uno Hit Chamorro Cultural Dance Group
Presently the Secretary and Charter Member with Chamorro Optimist Club (CHAMOC) San Diego
Presently the 2nd VP for House of Chamorros (HOC) San Diego
Recently elected 2020 Board of Director for House of Chamorros (HOC) San Diego’
Presently the Secretary for Agat Santa Rosa Fiesta Group, San Diego
Presently the Treasurer for St Jude Sinajana Fiesta Group, San Diego
Presently a member of San Dimas Merizo Club of California

My very most important interest is educating and perpetuating our Chamorro culture, heritage, history and language to our Chamorro Community. We recently completed our Celebration of Feast of Immaculate Conception Finakpo’ on December 8, 2019; and I will helping in the upcoming SDGCI’s yearly Nobenan Nino.

Board Member, Dolores Aflague Cepeda

is from Sinajana, Guam. Her father is Alexander James Aflague (Sueno family), her mother is Lagrimas Flores Aflague (Cabesa family).

Dolores Cepeda, also known as Loling, together with her husband Joey Benito Cepeda (Cocora family), raised two children born and raised on Guam.

Loling is a graduate of Academy of Our Lady of Guam. She has earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University.

She has also studied Modern and Interpretive Jazz at the Boston Conservatory and at the John Robert Powers School in Boston, Massachusetts.

She worked as an outreach coordinator for UOG’s Professional Development Center

She was a Divisional Merchandise Manager for Duty Free Shoppers, Ltd.

She was manager at Casa de Mode Boutique in Agana, Guam

She also worked as a Loan Manager for the Bank of America, Agana, Guam.

Dolores has held a variety of volunteer positions including,

Chamorro Optimist Charter 2nd Vice President
House of Chamorros Board member, San Diego
Uno Hit Chamorro dance program Treasurer, San Diego
Che’lu organization board member and Entertainment Chairperson, San Diego
The Rock Thrift Store, volunteer, Point Loma, CA
Guam Visitors Bureau member, Tamuning, Guam
GVB Philippine and Hong Kong Tourist Promotion for PATA conventions Dance Choreographer

My interest is now more focus in outreach opportunities. I took an active posture developing local talent when I initially got involved with helping to start the Uno Hit dance program here in San Diego. I saw how our young Chamorros had no knowledge of their island and ethnicity. This fueled my passion to live and enjoy challenges by educating many about our Island of Guam and its beauty. I believe it is a blessing to have the opportunity to learn and to serve others.

Board Member, David Sablan Laguana, Jr.

is originally from Barrigada then moved to Marianas Terrace in Yigo.

David is the son of David Sablan Laguana Sr. and Maurita Gonzales Laguana

His grandparents are Jose Ignacio (Familian Paeng) Laguana (Familian Gadi) and

Emma Taitano (Familian Queto) Sablan Laguana.

David graduated from Barrigada Jr High (Go Wildcats) and George Washington High School. He attended the University of Guam.

David earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Management from Western International University, Phoenix, AZ, and served as Student Body Treasurer.

Currently David work as the Human Resources Adminstrator at Southern Motorcycle

Since 2017, he has served as Treasurer of the Chamorro Optimist Club of San Diego (Optimist International) since 2017.

2019, he was elected as a board member of the House of Chamorros.

David has volunteered with non-profit organizations since 2005 because he believes we should all give back to the community that has nurtured and supported us throughout our lives. The Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego and the House of Chamoros, allow David to apply his volunteer time to preserve the Chamorro culture through outreach and education in the San Diego county area.

Board Member, Aundra Palacios Gogue

Is of familian Cocora of Barrigada, the daughter of Janet Cepeda Diaz, grand daughter of Jose Cepeda and Barbara Portisach Benito Cepeda. She is married to Tomas S.N. Gogue, Jr of Order and has one daughter.

Aundra, also known as Andie, attended JFK High School on Guam and Southwestern College in San Diego.

1994 to present, she is employed as an Administrative Assistant for the law firm, Casey, Gery, Schenk, Francavilla, Blatt & Penfield.

2006 to present, she has been secretary for the Barrigada San Roke group of San Diego.

2017 – 2019, she was a board member and secretary for the Uno Hit cultural dance group.

2017 – present, she serves as a board member for the Chamorro Optimist Club San Diego.

2019 she was elected as a board member the the House of Chamorros organization.

Board Member, Lola Elaine Gogue

is the daughter of Philip Pangelinan Gogue (familian Kotla) and Eloise Manley Gogue (familian Derro).

Lola earned Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of California at San Diego.

She is a Staff Program Manager at Qualcomm Inc.

She has also worked as a Staff Program Manager, Kyocera

Director of Engineering, CalAmp

Director Software, Vytek

Project Manager, Stellcom

Sr Manager SW, Digital Equipment Corp

Director of SW, Megatek Corp

Lola has worked with several volunteer organizations including,
Board member of the Chamorro Optimist Club of San Diego (CHAMOC)
Uno Hit Chamorro dance program, San Diego, Board Member and Treasurer,
Sons and Daughters of Guam Club, Board Member, Membership Chair
Girl Scouts of America, Troop Leader
Lola has been elected as a Board member for the House of Chamorros (HOC) for 2020

My interest in volunteering is to give back to the community in two ways. First for our Chamorro community and 2nd to our surrounding community. I started out as a dancer with the Uno Hit group, then eventually joined the boards for both the Chamorro Optimist Club and Uno Hit. From these experiences I saw firsthand how the programs educate and perpetuate our Chamorro culture, language and history. I saw the Chamorro values, language and history being taught thru dance and songs. Since I was born and raised stateside, I had less exposure than those born and raised on Guam, so learned a lot along with the other dancers (most being children). I observed how proud these kids were to represent Chamorros and see the value and importance for them to have more programs available to them. I am a first generation Chamorro in the states, and I want our future generations here to be educated and proud of their culture. I see the House of Chamorros playing a significant role here.